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Who is “The Harvard Cowboy”?

Business Strategy Expert and Futurist Paul Moya is best known for his role as CEO of Millennial Labs—a global consultancy trusted by Fortune 500 leaders, non-profits, and government entities throughout the Americas, Asia and Europe.

Paul’s discoveries have moved the needle and impacted leaders at brands such as Visa, Nestlee, Honda Motors, and the United States Department of Defense to interpret and act on human behavior in the workplace, marketplace, and voting booth.

Nicknamed “The Harvard Cowboy” by clients and friends, Paul blends Harvard Strategy with Cowboy Practicality to present viable solutions that deliver quantifiable results. His research takes insight from psychology, neuroscience, behavioral economics, and plain old fashioned ‘cowboy wisdom’ to turn bid data and predictive analytics into no-fluff solutions and lasting economic and organizational change.

This Ain’t His First Rodeo

Paul has impacted leaders from many of the biggest, most admired organizations on earth.

Paul has impacted leaders from brands all Over the Globe

General Motor
Farm Bureau
United Negro College Fund
Grupo Aval
DHL Express
American Dental Association
Minesterio Del Trabajo
Grupo Konecta
Banco Davivenda

"Paul's talk was the best I have ever heard a young person give. Thought provoking and insightful, he made the audience feel rather than think something, a skill very few speakers have at any age.”

Tom Mendoza


CEO 2000-2008, Vice-ChairmanBoard of Directors 2008-present

"Paul was incredibly engaging, interesting and just plain fun. He had strong material and provided numerous insights. The best part was that everything he discussed was action-oriented and practical. I can't wait to share his principles with my team.”

Ray Serafin

Sheraton Hotels

"Paul is incredibly dynamic and energetic! His speech was very effective and made a strong connection with the audience. His interactive methods assured us of our inherent and acquired capabilities. I would highly recommend Paul as a speaker for any audience!”

Kevin Okseniuk

Delta Airlines

Systems Engineer Team



Maximizing Millennials

Recruit the Right Ones, Retain the Best Ones, and Lead the Achievers Into The Future.

Have you ever wondered why some companies and leaders are able to succeed (and even thrive) with Millennial employees, while others continue to struggle and suffer? Paul has spent the last decade serving, working alongside and studying the best and brightest CEOs and leaders across the globe and now he is sharing those secrets and strategies with you. This is Paul’s most popular keynote and it’s the one that put him on the map!

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 Paul Moya - Selling Power

Selling Power

Proven, Data-Backed Strategies to Build Loyalty and Increase Sales and to Millennials and Gen Z Right Now.

By 2017 Millennials will eclipse Baby Boomers in overall spending power and will take their market force to an entirely new level. They are not the future of your brand, but the here and now. In Selling Power, Paul will divulge the play-by-play secrets to the only type of marketing that matters to the most distracted generation in history and lay out the latest research-driven 2-step plan that is guaranteed to get Millennials to buy your products right now.

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 Paul Moya - Millennials Politics

Millennials & Politics

How to Capture, Engage and Rally Millennial Voters Into Action Without Alienating Your Current Voter Base or Losing Your Political Platform.

Millennials have just surpassed Baby Boomers as the electorate’s largest generation and are creating a lose-lose world: lose Millennials and you lose the election.  At the conclusion of Millennials & Politics, Paul will leave each member of your team equipped with the “Engagement Trifecta” 3-step process to capturing the most secular and diverse generation of all time, ready to take action after tapping into the science of Paul’s ‘BrainTriggers’ decision-process model and prepared to empower this generation to run through walls for your movement and campaign.

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Gen Z Made e-Z

The Foolproof Formula for Understanding, Engaging and Selling to Gen Z (and Their Parents) Without Ever Spending Another Dime.

How do you turn a multibillion-dollar market into a group of raving fans and lifelong customers? The truth about how easy it can be to captivate and convert Gen Z consumers (and their parents) will shock you. Most importantly, it doesn’t have to be frustrating, expensive or overwhelming. In this dynamic program, Paul will teach you the one catastrophic mistake to avoid before you ever attempt to sell another product and the single biggest reason why Gen Z isn’t connecting with your brand—and how to turn that around right now.   If you’re committed to cornering the market and crushing your competition, then Paul is the smartest choice to get you there.

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As a global business strategy expert and CEO of Millennial Labs, Paul Moya has impacted leaders from trusted brands ranging from Citibank to Microsoft and General Motors to the United States Department of Defense in audiences as large as 54,000 all across the world.

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